Native Speakers

We believe that the most valuable and exact knowledge comes from native speakers that’s why our teachers are all native English speakers coming from different education backgrounds and locations.


Article Analysis

Based on real and actual articles, students will learn how a native creates and reviews contents in order to get the best results.

Student Focused Lectures

Engages students in their own success and incorporates their interests and skills into the learning process


Information Sharing

Students all work in big learning pods and rotate between groups or one-on-one instruction with their teachers

Explore Your Interest

Students ebb and flow in and out of group work and individual projects, which are usually designed based off of student interests

Development Review

Students get individual feedback, on both academic and social and emotional goals, also get group or team feedback

Creative Teaching

One of the goals of creating a student-centered environment is to make learning joyful, challenging and engaging



Sadie Telesford / Co-founder, Teacher /

A self-driven Grenadian entrepreneur, who studied and worked in the USA, Florida, North-Carolina, New York, in Europe Turkey, Hungary and Spain. As a Teaching Professional she:

  • Uses variety of teaching techniques to encourage student critical thinking

  • Developed and implemented interesting and interactive learning mediums

  • Developed interesting course plans to meet academic, intellectual and social needs of students.


Máté Mátyás / Co-founder /

  • Lived more than 6 months each on 3 continents (North and Middle America (Canada, Grenada, Caribbean Islands), Asia -China-, Europe) and travelled abroad, developing cultural awareness and understanding of various personality traits.

  • 4 years of scientific research experience (nanotechnology, metallurgy), patent and trademark issued.

  • 4 years business development management experience delivering outstanding service to clients.

What are the benefits of learning business English?

Work in another country

Business English opens the door to careers all over the world. Plus it can help contribute to your visa or residency.

Increase your earning potential

Business English can help you get a new job , or a promotion. It’s also highly desirable for any employer that has an international business.

Strengthen Your Influence

Communicate effectively with everyone from your colleagues, to international clients. Build trust and develop strong business relationships.

Deepen Your Knowledge

It is estimated that 50% of research is originally published in English. Getting the latest insights can make all the difference when submitting a report or giving a presentation.


Active Students

Business Clients

Cups of Coffee

Make Your Language skills a Priority.

we certainly will.

Self-confidence when speaking English

Only by speaking actively, students will be able to communicate in English quickly. Our teachers are trained to create a friendly, positive and comfortable environment. They ensure that students feel confident, that the level is appropriate and that the atmosphere encourages communication.

Reduce Your Response Time

All communication during class takes place in English. Our teachers are native speakers and use a conversational approach based on listening and speaking. Our immersive environment encourages learners to quickly develop their skills in oral communication. 

Speak With More Confidence

We find the balance between improving your fluency and developing your accuracy of expression. In order to reduce inhibitions the students speak English all the time during the entire course which increases the rate at which the students absorb the knowledge.  


High motivation in a productive group dynamic

Testimonials & Featured Clients

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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Thomson Polan, CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

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